(Oct 4, 2016) Towards a Theory of Ground-Theoretic Content

My paper on ground-theoretic content has, at long last, been accepted by Synthese. I develop the basic elements of a formal theory of ground and ground-theoretic content which can accommodate the kind of impure logic of ground endorsed, for example, by Kit Fine in 'Guide to Ground'. Click here for abstract and penultimate version.

(Sep 20, 2016) Glasgow

The wonderful people at Glasgow have offered me a permanent position as lecturer in Philosophy. I'm very pleased to say I've accepted the offer and will be taking up post in Glasgow on May 1, 2017.

(Jul 16, 2016) Difference-Making Grounds

Another joint paper with Stefan Roski called 'Difference-Making Grounds' has just been accepted for publication by Philosophical Studies. We formulate and study a notion of difference-making applicable to partial grounds of a fact, apply it to the analysis of Schaffer-style counter-examples to the transitivity of ground, and criticize Schaffer's contrastive solution to the problem. Click here for abstract and penultimate version.

(Jul 11, 2016) Colloquium Logicum 2016

The Colloquium Logicum 2016 will take place in Hamburg on September 10 - 12. I am very pleased that my submission was accepted, so I'll be giving a brief presentation of my project on the logic of ground.

(Mar 23, 2016) A Hyperintensional Criterion of Irrelevance

My paper on evidential relevance, which uses Fine's truthmaker semantics to develop a hyperintensional refinement of a standard for evidential irrelevance proposed by Ken Gemes ('Irrelevance: Strengthening the Bayesian Criteria', Synthese 157(2), 161-166), has been accepted for publication by Synthese.

Click here for abstract and penultimate version.

Workshop on The Metaphysical 'Because' and the Foundations of Mathematics

Together with Benedikt Löwe from the Department of Mathematics, I am organizing a workshop on foundational issues in metaphysics and mathematics. For more information about the workshop, you can visit its official website.

(Dec 30, 2015) Another Review of OWTIFTTB

My book On What There Is For Things To Be has been reviewed by Robert Trueman in The Review of Metaphysics 69, 393-5. An archived version is available from his website here. I'm particularly pleased by the venue for the review, since the same journal originally publised Quine's 'On What There Is' in 1948, subtly alluded to in the title of my book.

(Jul 21, 2015) My book's been reviewed

I just found out, more or less by accident, that my book has been reviewed. The review is written by Matthias Hoch and has appeared in Metaphysica. As my library hasn't got a subscription, I haven't actually been able to read more than its first page so far, but it's nice to see the book is being noticed, and read, at least by some. I am reliably informed there will be another review appearing in the near-ish future, and I'm excited to read that as well.

(Jul 20, 2015) More Publication Success

More happy news! Mind have accepted my paper "Everything and then some"! Click here for abstract and penultimate version.

(Apr 21, 2015) "On the Granularity of Ground" accepted at GAP.9

I have today received news that my submission for the GAP.9 conference has been accepted. So sometime between September 14 and September 17 this year, I'll be trying to say something useful "On the Granularity of Ground", taking no more than 25 minutes to do so.

(Apr 03, 2015) Publication Success

Happy news: a joint paper with Stefan Roski -- entitled "A Note on the Logic of Worldly Ground" -- has been accepted for publication in Thought! Click here for abstract and penultimate version.

(Feb 26, 2015) Grounding Satellites

Following this year's GAP.9 conference, there will be a satellite workshop on Grounding organized by Johannes Korbmacher, Jan Plate, and Norbert Gratzl. They were kind enough to invite me to give a talk, so I'll definitely be there. Should be great!

(Jan 30, 2015) Upcoming Phlox Events

As detailed in this post, the Phlox group is holding four events over the next few monts: a two-day graduate workshop with a keynote lecture by Penelope Mackie in late February, a two-day workshop with Graeme Forbes and Thomas Hofweber among the speakers in late April, the Fourth Hamburg Summer School with Steve Yablo in July, immediately followed by another conference with Steve Yablo, Kit Fine, Daniel Rothschild, Ken Gemes, and Katharina Felka.

(Dec 21, 2014) Interview at 3:AM Magazine

Richard Marshall of 3:AM Magazine has interviewed me for his End Times series. You can read the interview here.

(Dec 5, 2014) Conference on the Mountain of Truth

As announced over on Philos-L, eidos -- the Centre for Metaphysics -- is organizing a five-day conference on Truth and Grounds, which will take place in May and -- wonderfully -- at Mount Truth, Ascona, Switzerland. I was kindly invited to give a presentation as part of an impressive lineup of speakers including Kit Fine, Paul Horwich, Peter Simons, Fabrice Correia, and Benjamin Schnieder.

(Sep 19, 2014) My book is out

My book "On What There Is For Things To Be", a revised and extended version of my PhD thesis, has been published by the lovely people at Klostermann. You can buy it for a mere €34.

(Sep 5, 2014) Phloxshop VI aka GLAMshop I

With the Phlox research group, I am organizing a small one-day workshop, which also constitutes the kick-off event for my own project on the logic of ground. So it is at the same time the sixth of the Phloxshops and the first of the GLAMshops, and it is called Logics and (their) Grounds.